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Automatically Create Invoices

Creating invoices in Magento can be done by script. The following code can be used in Modules or stand alone scripts to automate the creation of invoices.




Delete All Test Orders via MySQL

Hey all, many of you have asked how to quickly truncate the correct Magento database tables to remove test orders or old website orders. The following SQL code has been tested on Magento 1.4 and above. Please be aware that this code, when ran, will permanently delete all the orders and quotes in your Magento […]




Reindex Data via SSH

Re-indexing data in Magento is a must do for all store owners. It is a essential part of keeping your magneto website working and running smoothly. Hopefully by now you know how to re-index the data via the admin area through Admin > System > Index Management but sometimes this process can fail or be […]