Integrating with Sage Line 50


Sage Line 50 is a popular accounting software, particularly in the UK and Australia. Coupling your Magento web store with a Sage Line 50 program in the past has often been quite a long process, however using this tutorial we will show you how to integrate your Magento website with your Sage Line 50 install.

The integration process is made simple using a piece of software called Patchworks. Patchworks is a international integrations company with its head office in the UK and satellite offices in the USA and Australia.

Once you have setup your Patchworks account you will need to install the Patchworks Connector module on your Magento site, this can be done simply via the Magento Connect section of your website. Once this is installed you will need to install the Patchworks Software connector on your local windows machine. Theses two connectors are what talk to each other and enable the transfer of data between your Magento web store and Sage Line 50 accounting package.

Find our more information or sign up for an account for UK Sage Line 50 Integration or Australian Sage Line 50 Integration.

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